Cole Porter"Ritz Bar" Champagne Cocktail Glasses
Cole Porter"Ritz Bar" Champagne Cocktail Glasses
Cole Porter"Ritz Bar" Champagne Cocktail Glasses

Cole Porter “Opening Night” Crystal Champagne Cocktail Coupe 2-Piece Set (Gift Box Collection)

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  • Set of 2 saucer-shaped Champagne Cocktail glasses, based on tried and tested form and function
  • Broad rim and shallow depth first created in the 1920s to prevent chorus girls from getting the hiccups
  • Generous 8.25-ounce capacity, ideal for serving Champagne or cocktails, as a housewarming, wedding or host gift
  • Crafted in the USA by American glass artisans; dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: Height: 5 1/4-inches; Rim Diameter: 3 1/2-inches; Base Diameter: 2 3/4-inches

Champagne Cocktail Glasses.  Perfect for Serving Guests on a Cole Porter Evening.

"In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking," wrote Cole Porter, "Now heaven knows, anything goes." Every morning at half-past seven Porter would leap out of bed at his home in the Left Bank of Paris and arrange himself in a riding habit. Then, after writing a song or two, he would appear at the stroke of half-past twelve at the hotel bar, where he would say “Champagne Cocktail, please -- had a marvelous ride this morning!”

These de-lovely glasses were inspired by Porter's world of penthouse soirees, clever bon mots over cocktails at opening night parties. And what better better way to re-live Parisian cocktail culture than by sipping Champagne from these elaborately-etched glasses that fully accentuate the sophistication of that time and place. The vintage "lace and dots" design crawls suavely across each glass, livening the allure of the bubbly inside.

Offering a Gift Box Set of 2 Limited-Edition "Opening Night" Champagne Cocktail Glasses, intended for keeping or giving.