The Las Vegas “3-2-1” Copa Room Whiskey Rocks Glass 2-Piece Set
The Las Vegas “3-2-1” Copa Room Whiskey Rocks Glass 2-Piece Set
The Las Vegas “3-2-1” Copa Room Whiskey Rocks Glass 2-Piece Set
The Las Vegas “3-2-1” Copa Room Whiskey Rocks Glass 2-Piece Set

The Las Vegas “3-2-1” Copa Room Whiskey Rocks Glass 2-Piece Set

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  • Premium Gift Box Set of weighty, heavy-sham Whiskey Rocks Glasses, inspired by the legendary Copa Room nightclub in the Sands Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, headquarters of the ‘Rat Pack’ including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford
  • Each glass crafted in a half pound of tempered glass, ideal because it’s very durable and less prone to breaking from thermal shock (sudden or extreme changes in temperature); notable for impact resistance; built to withstand the daily rigors of high-volume consumer traffic environments, making it more durable than delicate crystal alternatives
  • Part of the cocktail movement is about not only enjoying the taste of a cocktail, but also appreciating its aesthetics; pour your favorite bourbon, rye, or Scotch over a single ice cube and put your feet up and relax
  • As mixologists and bartenders move towards using one large ice cube or sphere to create a better drinking experience, ice in this glass makes a bolder statement than a bunch of small dingy ice cubes.
  • Strong, solid, thick sham supplies a stable, weighted base, allowing each glass to remain upright on tabletops, counters, and trays, its rolled rim increases chip-resistance to ensure long-lasting use; a wide rim reveals subtle aromas, and abundant shape makes it pleasant to hold
  • Dimensions for superior functionality: 3 1/4-inches (T); 3-inches (B); 3 1/4-inches (H); Volume Capacity: 12-ounces; safe, strong, designed to withstand rigors of professional bar service; dishwasher safe for easy care and clean up
  • Featuring a bold, vintage look, this glassware set has endless possibilities, ideal gift-giving idea for hospitality and celebrations - dinner parties, birthdays, engagement, wedding, housewarming, anniversaries, Father’s Day
  • The heavy sham offers a substantial, weighty feel as well while increasing the perceived value of each drink; the durable thick walled design and heavy weighted base will keep your drink insulated at the perfect temperature for longer, whether you prefer it ice cold or room temperature

It Happened in Las Vegas.

You can go back in time, if you like, to a time when Las Vegas grew up around The Sands, one of the first hotels built along a stretch of land that would become known as The Strip. Opened on December 15, 1952, The Sands lured gamblers from across the country with celebrity entertainers and leggy showgirls. Some years after that, along came Frank Sinatra, who along with fellow Rat Packers Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop, appeared regularly in the hotel’s Copa Room.

With his rising popularity and dashing sense of style, Sinatra brought an explosive dose of glamour, celebrity, and revelry to the formerly dusty Strip. He called his favorite Tennessee whiskey “the nectar of the gods, and often performed onstage with a rocks glass in hand. The definitive Copa Room Rocks Glass, crafted to the standard of the 1950s originals, elevates the presentation of each drink, including Sinatra’s “3-2-1” (three rocks, two fingers of whiskey, and a splash of water).