The Best "New York Long Drink" Highball Glass, (Cocktail Party Set of 4)
The Best "New York Long Drink" Highball Glass, (Cocktail Party Set of 4)

The Best "New York Long Drink" Highball Glass, (Cocktail Party Set of 4)

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  • Premium Gift Box Set of 4 professional-quality Highball Glasses, ideal for serving tall cocktails and mixed drinks poured over ice; invented for the highball format by legendary bartender Patrick Gavin Duffy at Manhattan's Ashland House
  • Tall, sleek silhouette and clean design; functional, stylish, and multipurpose glasses, distinguished by a clean, straight profile with a signature bubble in the base; perfect for smart entertaining and versatile enough for casual or formal use
  • Flat base and solid, weighted bottom for extra stability; chip-resistant, designed to last through clinks, splashes, and spills; durable, and designed for beauty and strength; designed to withstand rigors of professional bar service
  • Narrow, chimney-shape is crafted for a comfortable grasp, easy to pick up and hold; rolled rim adds comfort to every sip; for the versatile service of the Collins, Mojito, Bloody Mary, Rum and Coke, Gin and Tonic, Long Island Iced Tea
  • Dimensions for superior performance: 2 1/4-inches (diameter); 6 1/2-inches (height); 9 3/4-ounces (volume capacity); proven dishwasher-safe for quick, easy cleanup
  • Perfect gift-giving idea for hospitality and celebrations - birthdays, engagement, wedding, housewarming, anniversaries

A Good Reason to Bring Back Cocktail Parties.

The Highball is a venerable cocktail that was dubbed “the high priest of tall drinks” by Esquire Magazine in 1949. It's a simple enough drink, a measure of spirits in a tall glass topped off with a carbonate (tonic, soda, etc.) and finished with a garnish, and when it’s served in a proper glass, the Highball is a cocktail that commands respect. The proper glass, a taller than standard tumbler, admirably narrow-mouthed to prevent carbonation collapse, was originally called the New York Long Drink glass. That was back around 1890, when legendary bartender Patrick Gavin Duffy invented the Highball format at Manhattan's Ashland House, where his customers included Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and J.P. Morgan. In recent years the highball has become fashionable again.

The Highball reaches perfection in this sleek, cylindrical glass made with clean, straight lines, a rolled rim that adds comfort to every sip, and a solid, weighted base. The most dashing feature is a bubble that appears to float in the bottom of the glass, adding an interesting visual element. It elevates beverage service to a higher level of sophistication, its crystal clear design beautifully showcasing chilled cocktails and refreshing long drinks served over ice. Flatter your Gin and Tonics. Perfect for entertaining at home or as a contemporary gift.