"The Bacall Collection" 1944 Ciro's Cocktail Coupe
"The Bacall Collection" 1944 Ciro's Cocktail Coupe

"The Bacall Collection" 1944 Ciro's Cocktail Coupe (Gift Box Set of 2)

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  • Vintage-style Cocktail Coupes, inspired by the leading lady of Hollywood’s Golden Age
  • Crafted in lead-free crystal; classic coupe bowl, etched with delicate floral detail
  • Recreated from glasses used in the 1940s Hollywood nightclubs such as Ciro's
  • Laser-cut rims are exceptionally chip-resistant; glasses are dishwasher safe
  • Capacity of 5.5 ounces; Measures 5 7/8" high by 2 3/4" in diameter

Sipping Cocktails at Ciro's, Circa 1944.

She was the girl who stole Humphrey Bogart's heart at age 19. Lauren Bacall's seductive expression may have coined "the look" she became famous for, but the leading lady of Hollywood's Golden Age also will be remembered for the natural sense of glamour and style that became a trademark throughout her legendary career.

There was, alas, only one Bacall, but this set of glamorous cocktail glasses provides one way to channel her unforgettable style. Lacy floral etching adds a gracious touch to vintage-style glasses which conjure up images drinks at Ciro's glittering nightclub, where Bogie and Bacall often dropped in for a night on the town.  He drank scotch from thick tumblers, while she sipped cocktails from this elegant variation of the Martini glass.  

The smaller scale and rounded lines are true to the era, each an exquisite piece from another time and place. Offered in a Gift Box Set of 2, for keeping or giving.