Longchamps"Mid-Century Modern" Rocks Glasses
Longchamps"Mid-Century Modern" Rocks Glasses

Longchamps "Mid-Century Modern" Rocks Glasses (Gift Box Set of 2)

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  • Glasses lend executive style and boldness to the drinking experience
  • Designed for the professional bars of Longchamps New York restaurants
  • Perfect for cocktails or generous pours of liquor with plenty room for ice
  • Each heavy-base, durable glass features an Art Deco ribbed design
  • Specs: Height: 3 1/2"; Rim Diameter: 3 1/4”; Capacity: 10 3/4 ounces

Power Lunch in New York, Circa 1950.

In mid-century New York, Longchamps restaurants were elegant and smart, with Art Deco cocktail bars part of the formula. The Longchamps at Madison and 59th Street had a long oval bar stationed above floor level staffed with 50 bartenders, stirring, shaking, and serving drinks in specially-designed glasses.

Reflecting the glamour that characterized the heady days of power lunches in New York, each distinctive, durable glass features a stylish ribbed design.  Consecutive parallel cuts travel cleanly along the clear crystal, grazing the tumbler from its lip all the way down to its thick base.  Notable for brilliant clarity and superb balance, the glasses lend sparkling presentation to cocktails and generous pours of liquor served on the rocks.  Its rim wide brim lets the drinker appreciate the drink’s aroma and the shape allows the drink to warm slowly, discretely changing the flavor profile.  Offered in a gift box, for keeping or giving.