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Tiffany Studios "Japanese Dragonfly" Stained Glass Table Lamp

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  • Handcrafted table lamp developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s
  • A product of centuries of Tiffany Studios tradition, design, and craft
  • Iconic "Dragonfly" motif inspired by Japanese culture and decorative arts
  • Total height: 22.5-inches; total width: 16-inches; total weight: 10 lbs.
  • 2-bulb table lamp with pull chain sockets; recommended wattage: 60

"Color is to the Eye What Music is to the Ear."  - Louis Comfort Tiffany

As artistic director of Tiffany Studios located in Corona, New York, Louis Comfort Tiffany began using his opalescent Favrile glass to produce lamps, the decorative form for which he would become most famous.  While Tiffany Studios mass-produced these shades and bases, the firm varied the color scheme of each object to heighten the sense of handcraftsmanship.  Handcrafted using the same techniques that were developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s, this beautiful Tiffany-style piece, a enchanting "dragonfly" design, contains hand-cut pieces of stained glass, each wrapped in fine copper foil.  Rootbeer-colored dragonflies with vibrant yellow wings dart above leaf green and rosey pink blooms set against a background of white stained glass, complemented with a rich mahogany bronze base featuring a matching dragonfly design.

Historically, the dragonfly holds great spiritual significance in Japanese culture, a stylistic source that Louis Comfort Tiffany was exposed to through the vast variety of Japanese artifacts that were imported into the United States following the opening of Japan to foreign trade in 1854.  The interest in the dragonfly within the decorative arts emerged during this Modern period.  Associated with the changing seasons of summer into autumn in Japanese culture, the dragonfly is a popular motif in Haiku poetry spanning several centuries of tradition. The word Dragonfly has its source in the myth that Dragonflies were once Dragons. To the Japanese Samurai it is a symbol of power, agility and best of all, victory.