Jack London Martini Glass
Jack London Martini Glasas

Jack London "Five O'Clock" Double Martini Glass (Limited Edition Set of 2)

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  • Gift Box Set of 2 Martini glasses, inspired by legendary writer Jack London
  • Generous executive-size drinking vessels for the ritual of the Five O'Clock Martini
  • Striking shape is provocative, functional; widened brim allows release of aromatics
  • Durable enough to withstand the rigors of professional bar service; dishwasher safe
  • Specs: Top: 4 1/4-inches; Bottom: 2 3/4-inches; Height: 6 1/2-inches; Capacity: 9-ounces

Father of the Literary Martini.

Jack London was the author of "Burning Daylight," the 1910 novel whose protagonist strikes it rich in the Alaskan Gold Rush, then moves to San Francisco where he begins a new career as an entrepreneur.  One of the first trappings of civilization he acquires is the Martini.  Writes London, “His ever-lasting call went out for a Martini, and for a Double-Martini at that, served in a long glass so as not to excite comment.”  London can safely be credited with creating the idea of the Martini as the businessman’s due at the end of a long workday.

Inspired by the master storyteller, the generous capacity of this provocative Martini glass allows one to fill the glass without having to balance it carefully to avoid spillage.  Olives or cocktail onions fall nicely to the bottom cone “point," while the V-shape holds the “structure” of the drink.  The longer stem reduces the warming effect of body heat upon its contents, and the widened brim allows the gin or vodka to release its bouquet.  Like the great Jack London himself, the Martini is truly an American original.  In the spirit of his favorite cocktail, offered is a Gift Box Set of 2 Jack London Double Martini Glasses, celebrating the ritual of the Five O'Clock Martini.  For keeping or giving.