Stemless Wine Glasses
Stemless Wine Glasses
Stemless Wine Glasses
Stemless Wine Glasses

"Bàcaro di Veneto" Italian Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

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  • Set of functional, informal, stemless wine glasses, inspired by the regional Italian "Bàcaro"
  • Includes four, perfect-sized 5 1/2-ounce glasses with thick bases and straight-sided design
  • Glasses suit Italian philosophy that everyday wine should be served without pretense
  • The space-saving glasses fit compactly into a dishwasher and take up less room in a cabinet
  • Dimensions: Top Diameter: 2 1/4-inches; Bottom Diameter: 2-inches; Height: 3 1/2-inches

How to Drink Wine Like an Italian.

Wines from the Italian region of Veneto are perfect "everyday" wines to accompany meals. They are like an old marriage: comfortable, agreeable, and without pretense.  Bàcaro is a Venetian word for a humble tavern serving simple food and young, inexpensive local wines in delightfully charming and informal glasses that capture a nonchalance the Italians call "sprezzatura."  The clever simplicity of stemless wine glasses personifies that attitude. Introducing to the American table a set of four 5 1/2-ounce stemless wine glasses that prioritize function over form, without pretentious flourishes. There is also something tactile and comforting, a satisfying degree of purpose about these small peasant glasses, just right with humble food shared in a casual setting, and easier to store and travel.  Offered in a Gift Box Set of 4, for keeping or giving.