"The Colony Cookbook"  1972 First Edition
"The Colony Cookbook"  1972 First Edition

"The Colony Cookbook" 1972 First Edition

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  • Portrait of the Colony, New York's most fashionable restaurant
  • Exclusive recipes from the restaurant (including Duck with Orange)
  • Written by Gene Cavallero. Published by Bobbs-Merrill in 1972
  • Hardcover with pictorial dust jacket; First Edition. 162 pages
  • Previously-owned; Measures 8.7" by 6.3" by 1"

Restaurant-ing Through History.

One of the mainstays of the East Side branch of Cafe Society, the Park Avenue set rather than the celebrity crowd, was the Colony on Madison at 61st Street. According to Rian James in Dining In New York (1930) the "Colony is the restaurant of the cosmopolite and the connoisseur; the rendezvous of the social registrite; the retreat of the Four Hundred." It was the exclusivity, the air of discernment and the attentiveness that stopped discreetly short of fawning that were the hallmarks of places like this. It was the sort of restaurant where your dinner came out in chafing dishes on carts and some dishes were flambeed at table side. Owner Gene Cavallaro was noted for his gracious charm toward favored customers. In The Colony Cookbook, Gene Cavallero, Jr. tells the story of the late great Colony restaurant, gathering place of socialites and notables, gourmets and potentates. It was the kind of place that helped build the New York legend.

Exclusive recipes from the restaurant (including famous Duck with Orange) have been adapted for family concoction and delectation. Offer a rare 1972 First Edition copy.