Great Seal Rug
Great Seal Rug

United States Great Seal Rug

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  • Historic and iconic rug bears emblem of America's Great Seal
  • Inspiration for the Presidential Seal in the White House Oval Office
  • Handcrafted and hand-tufted in 100% natural New Zealand wool
  • Contains multiple pounds of yarn tufts per square inch
  • Warm, soothing colors of wheat, cream, and deep blue
  • Stately round area rug measures 5 feet in diameter
  • Adds patriotic distinction to the home study or library

Distinguished Addition to the Home or Office.

On July 4, 1776, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were given the task of creating a seal for the United States of America. The delegates of the Constitutional Convention believed an emblem and national coat of arms would be evidence of an independent nation and a free people with high aspirations and grand hopes for the future. The Great Seal was finalized and approved six years later on June 20, 1782. The seal reflects the beliefs and values that the Founding Fathers wanted to pass on to their descendants, and became the inspiration for the Presidential Seal woven into the White House Oval Office carpet.

Each stately, custom-crafted rug is made from hand-tufted natural New Zealand wool, incorporating multiple pounds of yarn tufts per square inch, in very warm, soothing colors: wheat, cream, and deep blue. There are 13 stars to form a constellation above the eagle, 13 bands in the shield of the eagle, 13 leaves in the olive branch, and 13 arrows in the talon of the eagle. And the eagle is facing towards the olive branch, the sign of a peaceful nation.  An historic and patriotic gift, for keeping or giving.