Original "Pendennis Club" Old-Fashioned Glass
Original "Pendennis Club" Old-Fashioned Glass

The Original "Pendennis Club" Old-Fashioned Glass (Gift Box Set of 4)

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  • Set of 4 stackable Old-Fashioned glasses, as served at the historic Pendennis Club
  • Authentic, time-honored glassware from birthplace of the true Old-Fashioned Cocktail
  • Thick, heavy base glass well-suited to drinks that require muddling in the glass
  • Flared mouth design allows ample room for ice and allows the alcohol to breathe
  • Dimensions: Top: 3 1/4"; Bottom: 2"; Height: 3 5/8"; Capacity: 7 ounces

How to Make a Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail (It Dates Back to 1881).

The story begin at the Pendennis Club in Louisville.  Legend has it that a guest at the bar ordered a cocktail, but warned bartender Martin Cuneo that he wasn’t a fan of bourbon. Not wanting to serve a non-bourbon drink in Kentucky, Cuneo placed a cherry, lemon twist and orange slice in a short, broad tumbler, muddled the fruit in simple syrup and Angostura bitters, then added bourbon and ice.  This definitive version of the Old-Fashioned cocktail was popularized by club member and master distiller, Colonel James E. Pepper, who introduced the cocktail to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

To this day, the drink is served at the Pendennis Club in its original glass, a spare design with heavy base for muddling fruit and flared mouth to allow the alcohol to breathe.  This refined, reliable Old-Fashioned glass provides a seamlessly blending of pleasure and tradition, for sipping spirits on ice like real men drank before we got all sissyfied with other fancy glassware.  The Original "Pendennis Club" Old-Fashioned Glass is offered in a Gift Box Set of 4, for keeping or giving.