Best Chardonnay White Wine Glass

The Best Chardonnay White Wine Glass, Restaurant Sommelier Set of 2

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  • Developed for restaurants, more affordable varietal-specific glass
  • Size, balloon-shape and opening showcase Chardonnay in its finest form
  • Crafted in lead-free crystal; standard for wine service in fine restaurants
  • Durable to withstand repeated use; dishwasher-safe and shatter-resistant
  • Specs: volume 19-ounces; height 8-inches; Offered in a Gift Box Set of 2

Outperforms Wine Glasses Twice the Price.

As the most popular white wine in America, Chardonnay is like a perfectly tailored little black dress.  It may never be the latest trend, but it will always be in style.  The pleasure of consuming wine starts with the glass, and to showcase Chardonnay in its finest form, the well-known Austria-based glassmaker developed a varietal-specific glass with scientifically-designed size, shape and opening to allows space for the rich bouquet to develop its superb panorama of aromas, while minimizing the risk of becoming over concentrated.  The generous size controls how much air comes in contact with the wine, the deep-bowled balloon shape determines how the wine flows to the opening, and the rim's diameter influences how it lands on the palate.  The architecture of the glass is very sophisticated and functional, designed to pick up the wine's acidity and help you appreciate the balance of fruit flavors.

A restaurant wine glass sees as much usage in a week as a glass used at home sees in a year, and originally developed for the restaurant trade, this replica of the high-end Chardonnay/Montrachet Glass (usually priced around $30 per glass) boasts the same generous bowl and wide rim that allows you to fully enjoy these wines.  Dishwasher-safe and shatter-resistant, it outperforms the glass that sells for nearly twice the price, beating the pants off more expensive stemware.  And it has become the popular choice in many of the world's leading high-end restaurants.

Each glass is made of non-leaded crystal, providing a high refractive index, subsequently making its brilliance greater; the addition of titanium in the manufacturing process makes it significantly more durable and very difficult to break. This combination of versatility and practicality has earned endorsements from restaurateurs, sommeliers, and wine enthusiasts who rate this glass the best value in the market.

NOTE: Lettie Teague, Wine Columnist for The New York Times, writes: "Like many Champagne producers today, I drink bubbly from a balloon-style Burgundy glass to better appreciate its aromas.