Tavola Wine Tumblers
Tavola Wine Tumblers
Tavola Wine Tumblers
Tavola Wine Tumblers

Tavola Wine Tumblers (Gift Box Set of 4)

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  • Gift Box Set of four 7.5-ounce (21 cl) stemless glasses for "vino da tavola"
  • Superior durability; tempered glass with flared rim and optic base; dishwasher safe
  • Trattoria rustic charm for everyday wine, glasses that say "relax and enjoy"
  • Intended for traditional Italian table wines which do not require much breathing room
  • Measures 3-inches diameter x 3.75-inches tall; fits comfortably and securely in your hand

The Best Rustic Italian Stemless Glasses for Everyday Table Wines.

The trattoria goblet represents a "rustic" approach to wine consumption, circumventing a common drinking hazard -- glass breakage -- while at the same time leaving your hands free to gesture. In the Italian country side, everyday table wines are sipped from these small glasses, sturdy enough to endure numerous rounds of toasts and glass-banging that can occur over the course of a single spirited meal.

Wine lovers never have enough everyday glasses. But don't wait for someone to give you glassware. Buy this brand new set of everyday glasses for yourself. Just because they are a little bit different, they will make your wine-drinking experience a little bit fresher, a little bit more pleasurable, a little bit more fun.

The sheer unconventionality of the glasses matches many of the exciting New World attitudes of winemaking, such as synthetic corks or screw caps and bold, lucious, fruity New World wines from non-traditional varietals and blends. As winemaking enters a new age, so does the range of vessels from which wine lovers drink it. Stemless glassware sure does require less storage space, easily fits into the dishwasher, and, of course, breaks less.

NOTE: The Italians always pour a small amount of wine in the glass, swirl it around, then throw this wine rinse out. It is said they are preparing the glass to receive the wine -- a baptism of sorts.