McSorley's Old Ale House Ashtray

Rare Ashtray from McSorley's Old Ale House in New York City

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  • Rare ashtray from McSorley's, the oldest saloon in New York City
  • From an era when smoking was allowed and Matty Maher ruled the bar
  • Opened in the mid-19th century at 15 East 7th Street
  • Includes an original pack of matches from McSorley's
  • Measure 2-inches (W) by 1 3/4-inches (H); black bakelite

Handle with Care, and Pass Down to the Next Generation.

From it’s humble origins as an Irish working man’s saloon — cheese and crackers on the house-beer for pennies to its rediscovery by the mainstream in a 1940’s NEW YORKER magazine profile. McSorley’s is steeped in a cultural cacophony of Americana. Notable people who have visited McSorley's include Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, Peter Cooper, and Boss Tweed.

Offering a rare genuine ashtray, swiped from McSorley's Saloon during a bygone era when Matty Maher ruled into the wee small hours, and when smoking was banned, it had the unintended consequence of encouraging customers to drink more.