"Pomponne" Stemless Champagne Party Flutes
"Pomponne" Stemless Champagne Party Flutes

"Pomponne" Stemless Champagne Party Flutes (Gift Box Set of 4)

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  • Ingenious flute has no stem or foot; captures 8 1/2 ounces of bubbly; dishwasher safe and chip resistant
  • Sleek, streamlined appearance, complete with narrow rim and slender bowl for preserving carbonation
  • Known as "Pomponne" by the famous wine connoisseurs, the order of the Coteaux de Champagne
  • Fashionable for use in trendy, upscale restaurants, hotels, wineries, or home cocktail parties
  • Height: 5-3/4"; Top Diameter: 1-3/4"; Bottom Diameter: 1-3/8"; Maximum Diameter: 2-1/4"

The Stemless Champagne Flute You Can't Put Down.

If you were to take the stem off of a classic Champagne glass and use just the top, you'd get something like this stemless flute. Your guests will find the change of pace refreshing, as stemless glasses have come into fashion.

A symbol of the famous wine connoisseurs, the order of the Coteaux de Champagne, the "Pomponne" cannot be set on a table and, thus, the drinker must drink it all down. This ingenious flute has no stem or foot. It will delight your guests who will strive to hold it deftly throughout the tasting, or even try to find clever ways of putting it down. They will also soon understand its main benefit: Since it cannot be put down, the Champagne does not have time to warm up.  Offered in a Gift Box Set of 4, for keeping or giving.

How to pour: The trick is to pour an initial amount of wine, slowly tilting the glass – the flow along the wall will promote the formation of bubbles. Keeping your guest entertained to avoid them becoming impatient, take a pause to allow the foam subside, then pour a second time to fill half (or two thirds) of the glass. The flavors will thus be concentrated and the bubbles able to express themselves freely. Of course, to maintain this level intact, keep a discreet eye on your guests' glasses and top-up regularly.