Noel Coward"Private Lives" 1930 Champagne Coupe
Noel Coward"Private Lives" 1930 Champagne Coupe

Noel Coward "Private Lives" 1930 Champagne Coupe (Gift Box Set of 2)

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  • Pair of stylish Champagne Coupe glasses, inspired by Noel Coward's "Private Lives"
  • 1930s-era glamour in this statuesque take on the coupe of European high society
  • Adds air of sophistication and elegance to sipping Champagne or refined cocktails
  • Fully-tempered to withstand the rigors of the professional bar; dishwasher safe
  • Curved bowl captures 6 3/4-ounces of bubbly; Measures 5 1/2" (H); 2 1/4" (T); 2 3/4" (B)

Sipping Champagne with Noel Coward.  The South of France, Circa 1930.

Two newly-married couples occupy adjoining honeymoon suites in the same hotel.  As a distant orchestra plays, Sibyl gazes adoringly at charismatic husband Eliot, while Victor admires his new wife, the vivacious and sophisticated Amanda.  Champagne flows and the sea shimmers in the moonlight as the newlyweds prepare for the evening ahead.  The irrepressible wit and style of Noel Coward sparkles like Champagne in "Private Lives," his charming comedy of manners -- the inspiration for these elegant, swellegant Champagne coupes.  Fill with ice-cold bubbly and turn the cocktail hour into an occasion, the scene from a marvelous play.