Japanese Drinkware
Japanese Drinkware

Japanese Drinkware "Curated Collection" Set of 2 Whiskey and 2 Highball Glasses

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  • Gift Box Set of Japanese Bar Glasses: 2 Whiskey Glasses + 2 Highball Glasses
  • Sophisticated, minimalist glasses; each an interplay of function and design
  • Used in the high-end bars of Tokyo, where service has evolved to an art form
  • A collaboration of artisan glassmakers and professional Japanese barmen
  • Specs: Whiskey Glass Height: 3 1/4"; Top: 3"; Capacity: 10 ounces/295 ml; Highball Glass Height: 6"; Top: 2 1/2"; Capacity: 14 3/4 ounces/435 ml.  

Zen and the Art of the Japanese Bar.

Japanese culture is a precise ballet of detail and harmony. It is a culture of noticing all things and all elements. Every detail is remarkably thoughtful, and this principle applies at the Japanese Bar. The beauty of this tradition is in the simplicity and control of each element, about being in the moment, and selecting the perfect glass to be the cornerstone of the drink. 

According to Kazuo Uyeda, master mixologist of the Tender Bar in Ginza, Tokyo, cocktail glasses should be relatively simple, avoiding anything too elaborate that might upstage the drink. The sophisticated, minimalist Japanese "Curated Collection, an interplay of function and design, was developed from a collaboration of artisan glassmakers and professional Japanese barmen for the service of most revered drinks of the Japanese cocktail canon.  This striking addition to the home or professional bar includes 2 Whiskey Glasses and 2 Highball Glasses.  Offered in a Gift Box, for keeping or giving.