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Italian "Boccalino" Mini-Pitcher for Serving Table Wines (Gift Box Set of 4)

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  • Traditional wine pitcher of Ticino adds an Italian touch to the dining experience
  • Designed to be sipped from directly or poured into small stemless glasses
  • A blend of function and beauty, ideal for aerating young table wines  
  • Versatile and fun way to serve sangria or margaritas or other cocktails
  • Measures 4 1/2-inches tall; Capacity 2.5 deciliters or 8.5 ounces

Treasures of the Italian Table.

Wonderful local wines are produced in warm and sunny Ticano, where the scenery is pure Switzerland and the language at the table, Italian.  Ticino’s trademarks are the locally-revered osterie, grottos and family-run taverns, which offer simple, sturdy rustic fare accompanied by wines served in diminutive pitchers called boccalinos, designed to be sipped from directly or poured into small stemless glasses.  Boccalinos invoke years of tradition and are popular souvenirs for tourists who flock to the region.

These wine drinking vessels each hold a volume of about two deciliters, or just over 8 1/2 ounces.  Originally made of earthenware and decorated with colorful Ticino motifs or with bunches of grapes, the pitchers are now fashioned from lead-free recycled glass with customary handle and spout.  Ideal for aerating young wines and releasing pent-up aromas, the pitcher becomes a less-breakable wine decanter.

Casual, inviting, and always the perfect blend of function and beauty; perfect for any table and occasion.  Besides a festive way to serve wine, there are many creative uses for everyday enjoyment, such as using boccalinos to serve sangria or margaritas or even to hold a small bouquet of flowers.  Offered in a Gift Box of 4, for keeping or giving.