The Copa

1940 Ashtray from the Copacabana Nightclub (Plus First-Edition copy of "The Copa")

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  • Rare vintage ashtray from New York's legendary Copacabana nightclub
  • Plus a First Edition of "The Copa," an illustrated history of the club
  • The well-used black bakelite ashtray reads "Monte Proser's Copacabana"
  • The remarkable book features colorful characters, romance, and intrigue
  • Ashtray measures 7-inches in diameter; book is a 2007 First Edition

Handle with Care, and Pass Down to the Next Generation.

The hottest spot north of Havana. New York City's Copacabana reigned as one of the town's most glamorous night spots from its opening in 1940 in the basement space of Fourteen East Sixtieth Street. Over the years it gained a nationwide reputation for excellent shows, fine music and gilt-edged atmosphere, all thanks to Monte Proser, a tough character who had enough shady friends to give his enterprise a romantic exoticism. Many entertainers, among them Danny Thomas, Pat Cooper and the comedy team of Martin and Lewis, made their debuts at the Copacabana.

Offering an authentic artifact, an original 1940 ashtray swiped from a table of the legendary nightclub during the reign of Monte Proser, icon of New York nightlife, PLUS a First Edition copy of "The Copa," a beautifully illustrated history of the club by Mickey Podell-Raber, the only child of Proser's partner Jules Podell.