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Glass Cocktail Jigger
Glass Cocktail Jigger
Glass Cocktail Jigger
Glass Cocktail Jigger

"Ritz Bar" 1930s Etched-Glass Double Cocktail Jigger (Gift Box)

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  • Elegant reproduction of etched-glass Cocktail Jigger, circa 1930
  • Durable enough to withstand the wear and tear at a professional bar
  • Exclusive, limited-edition bar accessory, weighted for balance
  • Double-sided, with rolled edges to direct smooth flow of liquor
  • Accurate measures of 2-ounces on one side and 1-ounce on the other

"A Cocktail Should Always Be Perfect" (Frank of the Ritz)

Through the 1930s, the Ritz Hotel was the first port of call in Paris for American expats in search of a drink.  The Ritz Bar became one of the most select watering holes in the world and Frank Meier, the drink-shaker-in-charge, burnished a reputation for inventive concoctions that have become the stuff of legend.  

While many bartenders of the era used a sherry glass to measure out ingredients, "Frank of the Ritz" employed a French glassmaker to produce a double-sided "jigger" for measuring the perfect amounts of ingredients in the preparation of cocktails.  Offered is a reproduction of the vintage Ritz Bar Jigger, crafted in transparent, classically-etched glass with precise 2-ounces and 1-ounce measurements. Taller and more narrow than standard jiggers, which can help prevent spills while pouring.  An exclusive, limited-edition bar accessory for the home and professional bartender alike.  Offered in a Gift Box, for keeping or giving.