Rastal "TeKu" Universal Beer Glass (Gift Box Set)


Teo Musso, founder of Baladin Brewery in Torino, Italy, collaborated with Italian sensory analysis expert Kuaska (Lorenzo Dabove) to create the TeKu glass (the name TeKu is an amalgamation of the names ‘Teo’ and ‘Kuaska’). Musso recognized the complex role that size and shape play in conveying the message of a fine beer, and his goal in creating the TeKu was to come up with an industry standard glass that could be used for the sensory analysis of craft beers, inspired by the ISO glass used to conduct the sensory evaluation of wine. Musso made a range of prototypes and had Kuaska evaluate them all. The resulting glass is an elegant, functional instrument conceived to exalt the taste of a fine beer, engineered by Rastal, legendary German glassmakers. It is the first universal beer glass that allows every type of beer to be tasted to perfection.

For a proper pour, tilt the glass, so beer doesn’t pick up too much speed on its way from spout to glass. Let it hit the side of the tilted glass at a relatively low velocity, then slide down to the bottom easy as you please. Bring the glass vertical to insure a generous head. The foam created by pouring a beer acts as a net for many of the volatiles, compounds that evaporate from beer to create its aroma. The TeKu promotes optimal head retention by trapping of aromatics. Its size allows for headspace, while the open bowl induces and supports large foamy heads. You take it to the mouth by the stem, so that your hand does not alter the temperature of beer. (Capacity: 0.3 liter or 10 ounces; Dimensions: 7.75 inches high)

Offered in a Gift Box Set of 2. Includes TeKu Owner's Manual and Beer-Tasting Guide.

Rastal "TeKu" Universal Beer Glass (Gift Box Set)
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