Maltese Falcon Statuette

Maltese Falcon Statuette


It's the stuff that dreams are made of....

The Maltese Falcon is not only the tightest, sharpest, and most cynical of Hollywood's film noir classics, but also ranks as one of the "100 Greatest Movies of All Time," as selected by the American Film Institute. Offered for fans of the film and its unique place in the history of cinema, is an authorized casting of the "stolen" Middle Eastern statuette.

It's the most famous film prop of all time. An exacting casting originally produced for the Warner Brothers documentary, "The Maltese Falcon: One Magnificent Bird," each piece is an exacting reproduction of the "black bird" on display in the movie museum at the Warner studios, hand finished by a studio prop builder with an exclusive multicoat process. It's almost possible to hear Sam Spade, Joel Cairo, Brigid O'Shaughnessy and Wilmer Cook heave a collective gasp. And for movie enthusiasts, such objects of calculated cinematic illusion have a double magic for them. Only you have to know it isn't the real one. (Measures approximately 12-inches tall and weighs 2.5 pounds).

Maltese Falcon Statuette
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