Duralex "Gigogne" Glasses (Set of 6)


Rich in history and pride, where several generations of Frenchmen and Frenchwomen learned the process of glass-making, the Duralex Company, located in Orleans, France, invented the glass tempering process in 1939. Timeless beauty in tempered glass, at one time the graceful, almost unbreakable, Duralex "Gigogne," and its equally tough sister, the fluted Duralex "Picardie," could be found in every French bistro, school canteen or company cafeteria. The tumblers were exhibited in art museums; they became the subject of essays on the principles of simple, satisfying, functional design.

Called "the ultimate drinking vessel created by man," the “Gigogne” is perfect for wine, water, tea, espresso. It is impact resistant, microwave and dishwasher-safe, resistant to chipping, stackable for efficient storage, and suitable for cold or hot drinks. French mothers give these glasses to their children because they are virtually indestructible. The Duralex "Gigogne" glass tumbler is on permanent display at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. Holds 7.5-ounces (22 cl), measures 3-inches high x 3-inches wide.

Trivia: the word “Gigogne” is an old and little-used French adjective meaning nested (or stackable).

Duralex "Gigogne" Glasses (Set of 6)
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