Ronald Reagan's Desk Sign

Ronald Reagan's Desk Sign


Sayings and quotes that people place on a desktop often represent a personal credo, a statement of values, a guiding principle they intend to follow on a path to success. The sign "It CAN Be Done" on his Oval Office desk was Ronald Reagan's constant reminder that great things, impossible things, were within his grasp. Reagan came into office on the platform of three basic tenants: defeating Communism, cutting taxes, and shrinking the size of government. While he will be celebrated for his leadership and strength in these areas, history will also show one of his greatest achievements to be his revitalization of the American spirit, and the cultivation of American pride.

Offering an historically-accurate reproduction of President Reagan's desktop sign, imprinted with gold letters on 4" x 6 " brown leatherette placard with easel stand.

Ronald Reagan's Desk Sign
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